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Athletic training requires an approach that is categorically different from the conventional paradigm of training. The basis of the training program should be the focus on technique – the skill of doing. The development of your skill is and should remain the most important element of training because it is the foundation.

Technique is the gateway that allows you to express your physiological gifts or make up for the lack of such and still allow you to enjoy participation in sports. Correct technique & training prevent the typical injuries that are commonly referred to as overuse injuries, and help you avoid plateaus. There is no such thing as overuse when it comes to using your body and your limbs for physical activity. There is however mediocre technique and injuries that come as a result of it. And plateaus affect those that do not understand what training process is.

With proper technique and proper training, your athletic career could take on a whole new meaning and level of development for you. You could reach your peak performance and ultimately your full athletic potential.

Dr. Nicholas Romanov

A 2-time Olympic Coach, author, world-renowned sports scientist with a career spanning over forty years, Dr. Romanov specializes in:

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