Nicholas Romanov, Ph.D. is a developer of the Pose Method® and world-renowned sports scientist. He was born, raised and educated in Russia, but relocated to United States in the early 90s.

A man of humble beginnings, Dr. Romanov became a star Track & Field athlete, a champion with several records in high-jump standing unmatched for years, coached champions, conducted a significant body of scientific research, wrote two groundbreaking books on technique & training as well as published numerous scientific papers, and started a revolution by pointing out Gravity as the leading force in human movement.

In 2002, alongside Prof. Tim Noakes, et al., Dr. Romanov conducted a groundbreaking scientific study that demonstrated how to reduce, by virtually 50%, the impact on the knees in running. The study was published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercises in 2004.

Dr. Romanov founded Romanov Academy of Sports Science in the 1990s to educate and certify coaches teaching sports technique. There are now thousands of Pose Method® certified Technique Specialists worldwide.

Over the last several decades, the Pose Method® has been utilized at an institutional level with large organizations including the United States Military, CrossFit, and professional sports programs including the National Triathlon teams of Great Britain, United States, Mexico and Russia. Dr. Romanov also works with medical professionals including physical therapists, podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons. He travels around the world conducting research, consulting professional sports organizations, and as am educational speaker.

A 2-time Olympic Coach, author, world-renowned sports scientist with a career spanning over forty years, Dr. Romanov specializes in:

  • sport biomechanics
  • sport specific technique
  • kinesiology
  • sport training theory and physical education
  • training program development from elite to amateur athletes
  • exercise physiology
  • injury diagnosis, prevention and exercise rehabilitation